Frame Designs by Ed House
Original art by Phil Garrett
Phil Garrett, born in South Carolina in 1948, studied art at the University of South Carolina. During the 1970s he studied printmaking at the Honolulu Academy. He continued his studies at the San Francisco Art Institute in San Francisco, CA, where he received a degree in Fine Arts. He remained at the San Francisco Art Institute during his post graduate studies in printmaking until 1977. After returning to South Carolina in the 1980s, he continued to paint in watercolors and acrylics. Working at his Greenville, SC studio, he acquired in 1998 a large Intaglio press and founded King Snake Press for the production of monotypes.

His work is largely inspired by nature: the spiritual quality of the elements, the beauty, grace and ferocity of plants and animals. His paintings are spontaneous and energetic, whether in vivid colors of spring or subdued hues of a mountain stream in late fall shadows. Throughout his career as an artist, Phil has taught workshops in acrylic painting and printmaking in the US and in Japan.

"Saluda II" by PHIL GARRETT Acrylic on Wood Panel 16"x12.5"

"Memento-Jones Gap VIII" by PHIL GARRETT Acrylic on Linen 40"x40"

"Jones Gap/Haiku" Acrylic on Linen 12"x36"


Frame Designs by Ed House